Industrial Polyurethane epoxy


Uroxsys Ltd manufactures a range of products designed to rebuild, preserve and protect floors. It is helpful to consider the product range under 3 main categories: Primers, Toppings and Coatings.

For more information on any of these products, please refer to our technical information page for the individual Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS), or follow the links after each product on this page.


Primers are required to provide an effective bond to the substrate and to form an effective link with subsequently applied products. They may also be called upon to have anti-corrosive or wetting properties, and in some instances good chemical resistance.

Uroxsys Primers

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Toppings are used to rebuild an eroded surface, to provide falls or contours, and to confer mechanical and chemical protection to a substrate. In some instances, they provide a direct means to achieve true floor levels. Toppings contain relatively high levels of mineral fillers to help provide the physical characteristics required, and generally fall into the basic categories of Mortars and Self-Levellers.

Mortar toppings are heavily filled with durable aggregates and sands, and typically have a filler to binder ratio of 7-9:1. The binder may be epoxy, polyester, polyurethane or modified Portland cement. They are spread out and levelled with steel or glass trowels and are ideal for filling, creating falls and coves and providing heavy duty mechanical protection in one operation. Normally applied at a minimum of 6mm.

Self-Levelling toppings have a much higher ratio of binder, and much finer filler particles. They may be pigmented, and have good flow. Typically applied with notched trowels or adjustable pin-screeds to spread and gauge the thickness. They are fast to install. Typical applied thickness is in the range of 1.5-4mm, and the binder is mostly epoxy or polyurethane.

In some cases, a low cost self-leveller is used to apply the binder component, and aggregates are broadcast into the levelled product to provide the bulk, making a hybrid mortar, i.e. Duracrete SST.

Uroxsys Mortar Toppings

Uroxsys Self-Levelling Toppings

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Coatings provide protection, colour and texture. They usually contain solvents, and commonly have special additives to provide slip, mar and wear resistance. There are a variety of binder systems, giving a wide range of performance in areas where there are chemical, UV or abrasion exposures. The proper selection of a top coat is an important part of system selection.

Uroxsys Coatings



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