Uroxsys manufacturer polyurethanes adhesives


We are a New Zealand owned and operated company, developing and manufacturing a broad range of polyurethane and epoxy resins, coatings and adhesives. Established in 1989, we are an ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 accredited organisation, committed to excellence in both product development and customer support.

The Uroxsys View

At Uroxsys, we have developed world class high performance coating and adhesive systems. Products featured in our coating systems are designed to be used in conjunction with each other, sometimes with alternate product choices available, depending on the type of substrate. Our coating systems are designed to minimise installation or handling errors. Each Uroxsys product has its own Technical Data Sheet with detailed application instructions, as well as Safety Data Sheet, all of which are accessible from our technical information page.

We are also very mindful of our impact on the environment and are always looking for ways to make our products more eco-friendly. Our solvent-based systems which are formulated for low free isocyanate levels and are xylene free, have therefore comparatively low installation odour. More recently, we have also developed a high performance water-based two pack polyurethane system whose performance is comparable to our solvent-based systems.

Although Uroxsys has its base in manufacturing high performance coatings for wood and concrete substrates, we have developed advanced adhesives which are optimised for superior performance and productivity. Our adhesives are used not only in the flooring and furnishing industries, but have also found a niche in the civil engineering and construction industries as well.

Research and Development

Uroxsys has always had a strong research and development focus and is affiliated with various industry associations. Our staff members are at the cutting edge of their field, and are constantly researching new coating methods and products.

Our staff members also play an active role in developing professional expertise in the industry by lecturing in our speciality areas in the Postgraduate (MSc) course in Polymers and Coatings at the University of Auckland.

With an eye to fostering international technological links and further research and development in this field, we also sponsor internships with post-graduate students carrying out their research projects from the University of Auckland, as well as Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern, Standort Pirmasens in Germany and University of Bordeaux in France.

Contract Manufacturing

Our quality manufacturing plant and acknowledged expertise are also utilised by other manufacturers. We contract manufacture speciality products for major manufacturing and coating companies in Australia and New Zealand, both to their formulations or to our formulations to meet their market specifications. Our consistent excellent performance in this area has been publicly acknowledged through “Supplier of the Year” awards.

Specialised field

Uroxsys operates in a highly specialised field developing and manufacturing both polyurethane prepolymers and polymeric isocyanate curing solutions for two component polyurethane systems. These raw materials and finished products can be highly reactive and extremely moisture sensitive.

More so than in most coatings manufacturing facilities, polyurethane specialists require purpose built or specially adapted handling, mixing and filling equipment to ensure consistently high quality products. The superior performance of Uroxsys manufactured products is the result of excellence in development, equipment design and processing techniques and a highly functional ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management system.

Our marketing channels

We have chosen to market our products through recognised and established brands in order to achieve efficient distribution and ready availability throughout Australasia, the United States of America and Europe. A list of distributors and suppliers is available on this page.


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